Praise for Sharon Blotcher

We got in touch with Sharon from a friend, and it was the biggest blessing that could have happened. We owe getting our dream house, location, neighbors, and school for our children to her. She worked tirelessly all the time even after she had an attempted carjacking happen to her in front of our old house that she also helped us sell. Because she genuinely cares so much about her clients, I was able to believe that we would (and did) find the perfect home, not just a house. During the nearly impossible process of finding a new home in the Denver area, she encouragingly said, “If it’s meant to be it will happen.” She couldn’t have been more right, and it is because we were in her trustworthy hands. I cannot imagine going through this grueling buying process with anyone else, as she will alleviate the stress and fear of the ordeal, and make your “absolute perfect” a reality.